Welcome to the Volkswagen Bildungsinstitut! We are specialists in education and training in the technical field. We provide support for numerous industrial companies in Germany and many other countries by offering high-quality and practical educational services. These include:

Automation Technology

  • VASS Siemens PLC
  • VASS KUKA Robotics (VKR C4)
  • New materials and Joining Technologies


  • Body, Surface, Paint, Press cars / Trade fair cars
  • Electrics, Electronics, Vehicle technology
  • Concept development, Introductory level training

Interdisciplinary Qualification

  • Formula Q,
  • Product Safety and Liability
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Competence measurement
  • Change and Transformation Management

Vocational training

  • Design of vocational education units in various technical occupations
  • Implementation of curricular units and teaching concepts in collaboration with local partners

Are you searching for an educational partner for topics connected to car manufacturing, automation technology, materials and joining technologies? Do you want to transform processes and organizations? Contact us! We will be happy to review with you how we can meet your needs.

The courses and training sessions take place in Germany or, if possible, at your location. These are usually held in German with the help of an interpreter. Holding the courses or training sessions at your location depends on the need for technical equipment.

s a company belonging to the Volkswagen Group, we offer you the latest technical expertise and extensive experience in the field of methodology and teaching. Our 120-member team consists of experienced educators and trainers in the technical field.

Each year at our locations in Zwickau and Chemnitz we train several thousand people seeking advanced professional training and almost a thousand apprentices.

Talk to us!

Matthias Roth

Head of sales and marketing |
Head of technology further training